Sunday, October 31, 2010


What an up and down couple weeks its been…I guess that is what steelhead fishing is…incredible highs and the lowest of lows. I think this is even more true when you are a true fish bum, essentially unemployed, homeless, and failing to catch fish. I had a streak of almost a week here where I went fishless and was doubting everything I have been and am doing in not just fishing but life in general. That is a hard one to swallow.
But then it all can turn around in the blink of an eye. One minute I am thinking of giving up on everything and pointing life in a new direction and the next minute a fish is dancing around on the end of my line and everything is better. Believe me I do understand how crazy that sounds.
In the present, things have turned around for the time being. Fish are coming to hand, I am used to life on the road. Pate is settling in, eating well again, and generally being his normal self. Today marks a month of life on the road. Can I say both that its flown by and also that it seems like forever ago that I was home in Michigan?

 My birthday yesterday came and went…I didn’t even realize it until about 6 pm when I asked Chad the date. Kind of like it that way, havent really gotten to excited about a birthday in a long time anyway. Cant say it was anything exciting, but it was stress free and I even got a birthday ice cream sundae from Boggan’s Oasis here on the Grande Ronde River. It is definitely a fitting title as it is the only thing for about 30 miles. There is no phone service, no gas, nothing around here. So I apologize to anyone whose call I haven’t returned but I havent been able to for at least a week. I have currently lost track of my last shower, shave, only today learned the day of the week, and the date...along with who knows what else....but i can tell you the latter is a good feeling...the not showering is not however....maybe i shouldnt share that part? oh well

As of now, I am planning on leaving the Oasis and my campsite under the coolest tree ever, which keeps me bone dry at all times (It has rained every day in the past week). I will miss you tree. It is time to head back to Idaho and the Clearwater River where I have a bone to pick with a couple more fish before heading to the coast to settle into a home of some sort hopefully. So I should become more reachable after that…cheers everyone…and thanks for reading my rambling and giving me some sort of connection with friends and the world beyond fishing. I miss you guys.

more to come later...i want to dig into some deep stuff on life in general sometime for my own at your own risk...i am re-reading Siddartha right now...awesome awesome short book that is very though provoking...

oh and i edited the last post as well as some of it got left out when i copied it from word...peace out

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  1. Can't imagine a better B-Day.. One slipping by undetected aint all bad :)