Monday, October 4, 2010

Back in Colorado

 I spent three nights and two days at my Grandma's place in Winfield, KS. It was great spending some time with her and my uncle, though small town Kansas is not exactly my cup of tea. Can't imagine living such a quite life style, where it's a struggle to find anything to do. I did get a bunch of flies tied for steelhead in Idaho and finished reading Jimmy Buffett's "A Salty Piece of Land." What a great book and one that I could really relate too. The main characted Tully leaves his life in Wyoming to travel the Carribbean, fishing and searching for meaning in his life. The latter really hitting the spot with my current travels and life direction.

Now im hanging out with my boy Gordon in Boulder, Co  for the better part of the week. Although currently he is working and I am up in the mountain town of Silverthorne. Came up here to fish my old haunts on the Blue River for some very technical trout on tiny dry flies. Took a walk along the river with Pate this morning and saw a few decent fish sipping midges. Then spent the last couple hours catching up on computer work on the up and coming website, etc. As soon as I get off this damn computer I plan on catching those trout...

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