Thursday, May 5, 2011


For the last couple years Pate has been my rock. There have been some times that I wonder how I could have made it through without my little buddy. We have spent almost every minute together for the past 7 months. So much time in fact that the few instances where we are apart I feel completely lost.

So when at 3am yesterday morning Pate started vomiting uncontrollably I grew a little worried. And when that vomit became bloody I became completely frightened. About 6:30 am I took him to the emergency veterinary hospital and they put him on an iv and started doing some tests. I spent the next two hours in a completely panic stricken state. Lately, a lot of dog friends of ours have had a rough go, from cancer to being hit by cars it hasnt been good. But Pate has always seemed invincible. He hasn't really been sick in a couple years and nothing ever seems to get to him. I couldnt understand what could be wrong.

After a couple of hours the tests all came back negative which may have been the biggest relief of my life. It appears that he just ate something that didnt agree with him but we have been unable to determine what that is. Pate needed to stay overnight for monitoring and fluids, so my worry hadnt completely subsided. This morning I picked him up and he seemed close to his normal self. But at this point I must say Im still a little worried. He is currently sleeping in my car while I am working in the fly shop. The wierd part is that he doesnt want to get out of the car right now...I hoping hes just tired and given how much we've moved in the past year it is just his place of comfort. But until my better half is back to normal I am going to be a little on edge.


  1. I wish the best for Pate and good to see you still getting by at the shop.

  2. Thanks Jeff! Pate is back to his normal self and hanging out in the shop!